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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  November 16, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PST

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>> and morning in our top stories and what weather is on the way. you may see some
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on the roads right now and there is some sprinkles right now. it is causing delays at s f o for flights arriving. at last check they were backed up for two and a half hours. lots to talk about there. we have been telling you about the approaching storm all week long. the big box on the left shows a san jose can and and the upper right and sierra and the lower right. we're anticipating and now lot but some snow out of this. >> the timing on this is not good because it is the travel biggest travel day before thanksgiving. rain and snow as making life a little bit difficult. >> i will get to that in just a minute but let's look of the friday morning commute. whether is pushing its way inland right now. this is from the pacific, one of the rare rounds coming in from the south and pushing its way north. all of the yellow and moderate
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rain is sitting off shore and is expected to hit the bay area sometime shortly. the yellow on your screen is approaching the sun said in richmond district. we're still contending with light rain the for downtown san francisco. surface streets are affected as we take it to the street view. the wider view shows heavy rain expected to hit the peninsula coming shortly. this you will need to use a winch to what wipers and drive with extra caution and allow yourself a little extra time. catching a dry break for the san ramon valley but all the wet weather in the south bay. a few moments ago we had yellow on the screen for cupertino that provided moderate to heavy rain. as we go street view why is it is currently raining for east coast and interstate 80 and the surface streets as well. it is relatively light in nature but we have a lot of clouds to contend with.
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future cast four shows into the afternoon continuous wet weather and it will start to intensify and pick up as we head into later on tonight. yellow on your screen indicate heavy rain i will show you what this means for the weekend coming up in my next report. >> we are talking hotspot biblical proportion this morning on the bay bridge westbound. it started in the 5:00 hour with backups. we have three accidents at the bay bridge. there is a big problem on the east shore freeway and that is the worst approach to the bridge. we will show you the easter freeway and the ride on 80 westbound. the drive times are 40 minutes from hercules to university avenue and another 33 to 38 minutes from there in the sand into san francisco. an hour and 20 minutes for what would usually be about 24 to 32 minute trip. big delays here all the way through the macarthur maze.
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the san mateo bridge is also have a this morning for a number of reasons and because a lot of people have been daily from interstate 82 highway 92. >> new this morning this is a disturbing story we're getting out of a laid off. a 65 year-old woman was kidnapped at gunpoint by a 14 year-old boy yesterday evening in front of a store. the stores on the 100 block of plaza drive. this boy forces the woman to drive to another location in the area of the head and broke parkway and highway 80. when they read their he beats her sexually assaults are and then leaves her in a ditch. he took off in her minivan. a passer-by found her left alone and beat and in that- and called the police. the police went to rescue her and in the meantime her family gets a call demanding a ransom. they did not comply with that but detectives did in that
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catching up with the 14 year old because he returned to where she was down off of highway 80. they have arrested a teenager and booked him and to be juvenile hall on multiple charges. unsolved attempted murder carjacking and armed robbery. >> daly city has the neighborhood, remember the one that was inundated with the mud slide earlier in the week. ? people looking to shore up that hill side with all of the rain coming in. their worry is that the mud will cover the street again. will tran was there the day that the story broke and i guess they've been doing a pretty good job putting out details and trying to secure the dirt. >> we talked to a guide of about 50 minutes ago and he said brown but to the city for coming out here because
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there's no wasted time more action. ther the higher harder it rains the higher the water goes out. a few days ago it was leading into the reservoir. when the sun up they did not put any netting or anything to prevent any erosion from taking place at the base. if it is to the road is going to come down. we'll take the camera off the drive by just a show you what they plan to do if there is a resin with the mudslides and the rain fall now of the soil has been changed. we'll walk up the helm and this is where the water gets down to a is a little flatter area. you can see they put down hay here and strong and even a big net or cheesecloth material over the cards and just to absorb any possible rain fall. are the at past couple of days these excavators to dig up mind in trying to dig out storage
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storm drains and. did the water comes down will flow directly into the storm drains and out of here. this is a temporary fix in a the rainfall is going happen over the next several days. once they get the sunshine and a little bit of a break they will come back here and tried to make permanent repairs. one possible example or scenario that could possibly do is take all the mud the they're in love are the past couple of days and bring it back here and pack the mudslide with it. we will get more reaction from neighbors about this. they say it is going to be a long weekend for this. it is really coming down right now so the harder rains of the water level is definitely going up. >> we will be watching the situation today and into the weekend. >> a congressman says that former cia director david petraeus that he believed all along that the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya
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was a terrorist attack. david petraeus is testifying to several congressional committees behind closed doors. he resigned friday over an extramarital affair. >> announced this morning hostess is going out of business. closing plants and laying off all of its workers. the layoffs have a direct bay area it impact. there by 140 workers in oakland that will be let go as a result of this decision. the maker of twinkies and been on wonder bread a lot of name brands they are household names. they say that the strike is what cripple their ability to deliver this product. they've been under a bankruptcy restructuring program. the unions were not happy with what they're proposing in terms of reduction of pay and benefits so they went on strike. the company warned them two days ago if you
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keep striking we are going to have to close our doors and liquidate everything. they warned him last night to give back to work and the workers refused. and now we're waking up to word that the hostess headquarters as shutting down their operations. they'll be selling off all their assets and plant operations in the whole 9 yds. we will see what happens with that going for it. years ago in a bridge, wet on that span. we'll be following the forecast more in a minute. vf%?q
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>> we are monitoring a major hotspot the ride on interstate 80 in the westbound direction. as you can see here is backed up as you head down the east shore freeway. the backup is reaching to the bay bridge and all the way back to highway 4. the westbound bay bridge is jammed up as you can see, the problem has been three early morning accidents for the westbound ride. drive times are running over 40 minutes out of the macarthur maze. >> the critical court ruling is expected come down today on the future of high-speed rail in california. here's an animation of what they hope will look like once it is completed. county superior court judge will decide whether to grant a preliminary injunction that would halt the project. the first play phase of the plan would be a 65 mi. stretch from merced to fresno. it
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was set to begin next july but farmers are complaining that they did not do a thorough enough environmental radio. they're asking a judge to halt all work until their claims could be heard at trial. >> the time it is 7:12 a.m. and we'll be back with more in just a couple of minutes. taking a live look here at san francisco and the james lick and our big story this morning for a thanksgiving huge delays the rain and the commute is trying to get to work today. a high spot at the bay bridge were everybody goes. we will keep you updated and we will be right back.
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>> temperatures are little warm for snow this year but we did have a bit of snow fall already. as a result they're making a lot of man- made powder so ski borders and snow boarders and skiers. we were up there in the sierra yesterday and
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they are stoned had a chance to speak with people on the slopes. they said we do not care we have enough to get on the slopes. >> now you have to think about how you're going to get to work especially around the bay bridge. >> it is a mess here and we have had three accidents. i don't remember a single morning were we have three accidents at the bay bridge. all of the are now cleared and we're part starting to see some improvement. things are getting light enough on the bridge finally that they have stepped up the pace of the metering lights. i do not know how much that is going to help at least in the next hour or two. traffic is backed up all the way to the 80 split on 880. we're looking at 33 minutes drive times to san francisco just from the nimitz. and as on the other side of the macarthur maze. the east
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shore freeway interstate 80 is just a look at the ride through emeryville. it is backed up from here haul way up to you can street. it is slowing go sometimes stop and go traffic in the westbound direction. i will show you traffic maps now and you'll see the backup on your westbound. this is the ride from the macarthur maze back of beyond 98580. on 580 b on 980 and highway 24. the east shore freeway ride, oh my goodness of it that. backed up solidly to highway 4 and beyond the coming skyway. over 40 minutes drive time from vallejo down to university thesis as the 30 minutes to get to san francisco tariff floor rises as the sale bridge with how bad this is. stop across the span and we are incident free here. this is likely combination of slow traffic because of construction and a lot of folks bailing out of the bay
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bridge this morning and heading to the san mateo. this is not a good alternate and traffic is stopped most of the way across the span. drive times are 20 minutes for the san mateo bridge. the golden gate bridge is and what all morning long it is still. this is have your traffic and we a seen in a while heading in from marin county. we are incident free 1 01 to through marin southbound. for rain here is erica. >> the rain is here and here tuesday. this camera from downtown san jose you can see from time to time drained raindrops justin for the camera. the bulk of this system is still sitting off shore. we have not even see the brunt of the yet. the heavier stuff as indicated by the yellow on your screen and is starting to approach the coastline. heavy rain throughout the sun said in a
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heavier rains resemblances go. you can see pretty much all the surface streets are impacted. allow yourself a little extra time. bonn market street we're saying that wet weather on all the approaches on the street this morning. the peninsula's picking up heavy rain on the bayshore freeway. half moon bay under the yellow as well. you will need to use your windshield wipers and allowed yourself extra time. san ramon valley remember this system is approaching the south. we're seeing in the reins light of past walnut creek into concord and martinez. the camps scattered showers are the antioch in brentwood areas as well. the southbound south bay was dry but not the case anymore. the green indicates light rain for sam for his day san jose and through cupertino
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this morning. future cast four of the show's later on this afternoon we will continue to see some showers. they will pick up in intensity as we had later on and to tonight. it could be a messy one for evening commute home. still on the back of the system and waking up tomorrow morning. saturday afternoon looks like we will be dry by midday but we do have another system approaching by saturday evening into sunday. afternoon highs today everyone in the '60s 64 for pleasanton 63 for redwood city and the day plan shows showers through the weekend. st conditions as well. we will need to keep those umbrellas handy as we start the next work week. 7 day around the bay forecast shows showers sum for each and every day including thanksgiving thursday as well. >> we understand the rain but no one likes airport delays. this is what's
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happening the busiest travel day of the thanksgiving holiday. for people are trying to get a jump on holiday and get to grandma's house and they are being delayed. let's go to kron4 is so low reporter mike pelton. we're getting about two and a half hours on delays right now? >> those are arriving flights. biggest delays on arriving flights. a lot of passengers getting dropped off to get out of the bay area. i was just an flap inside a few men's ago the departing flights and sfo are on time. the problem is the arriving flights. soon a half hour delays for a lot of those flights coming in to sfo. this is largely due to the weather and wind. if you're picking up family and friends from the airport today check ahead they may be facing some significant delays getting to the area. video from just a short time ago a lot of people leaving
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san francisco to go on vacation. the airport expects to see a hundred and 40,000 passengers faster here today. this makes is the busiest travel day of the thanksgiving holiday season. a lot of people turning thanksgiving day into thanksgiving week. >> i am firmly in its and we don't get much holiday. i like to take nice long extended vacations. >> what are you most excited about? >> of down time from work but i do have my laptop with me. >> here is some tips of your traveling are planning a vacation before the end of the year parking is limited assets also possible take public transportation. did someone to drop you off at the airport and that will relieve some of the traffic congestion coming in and out of assets of. do not wrap your guess in case security officers need to inspect that package. they will need to tear off the wrapping and
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all the work you took to make your present look nice goes to waste. wrap your guess once you get to your destination. more people are starting to show up to take off i here. and casey glared just switching the channel to us it is two and a half hour's delay timearriving flighe again and said that if you're expecting family or friends this morning. >> what i notice about good travelers as they're renting out their cars and going into the airport is people we're seeing have a lot of bags. business travelers as does have one little bag. i see is people with the duffel bag they have the whole setting. >> this is hardly a scientific toll. a lot of the people that i've spoken with this morning say they're all going to hawaii. their training the beach here for the beach and maui. >> on last they have grandma's there i think they're just taking a vacation. we'll be back with more in just a couple of
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>> we're going to northern california now of chico state university is suspending all greek activities after a student died of there're slow brain damage following an alcohol overdose. the campus say the fraternities and sororities will be barred from recruiting students are having any activities until
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the fall semester. after celebrating his 21st birthday the student died from alcohol poisoning. in addition to his death at there have been other problems recently involving surety's including allegations of hazing and sexual assaults. >> will be back in a couple of minutes with the latest on the hot spots on the bay bridge and the rain we're seeing across the bay right now. here's a live look from emeryville and jackie sissel is there live. we will be right back. =8
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>> 738 m and the big news is the hot spot on the bay bridge. we have been looking at this for hours. >> even though this is friday and we like to talk about friday light >> where did that go?
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>> yes where did that go we talk about interstate 880 and we had an accident at the bay bridge that cleared and we had to more accidents. a total of three crashes and the first hour at the bay bridge. that is why we have to back up here in the westbound direction. it is backed up all the way into the macarthur maze passed highly 24 up to children's hospital. with a live shot from kron4 jackie sissel. this is the westbound 80 ride this is the end of the slow traffic not the beginning. or trying to show your the traffic begins. here is where jackie's camber is located us. that is the end of the ride on interstate 880. all the way up until pinole this is mostly slow and go traffic. red, speeds are
7:32 am
below 25 mi. an hour. that is an hour-and-a-half to san francisco. the san mateo bridge >> which has been horrible >> anyway is about 18 to 22 minutes drive time. it is them like this for about 40 minutes. it is just a mess from the east bay. it's possible we could see this clear up may be in the nine or 10:00 hours. i'm guessing that at least the san mateo bridge >> at home people say how marty wait late to work georgia grated decollate clears up at 0910 >> this i don't see clearing any time soon. here is a good barometer we like to call of the canary in the coal mine. the 880 approach and has a back up here. all the way to the toll plaza this reaches all the way to the 80 east.
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>> take a look at storm tracker 4. especially in the east bay and the coastline and even the south bay we're seeing some rain. as we zoom and around the bay area you can see heavier stuff coming closer to palletize right now. the rest of sam francisco is under light rain right now. as these them into street view we can see cesar chavez, and with the king jr. drive in you'll need to use your windshield wipers. it intensifies around the salmon sale reds various remember that this system is approaching from the south and working its way north making a beeline from the east shore freeway into concord and martinez. currently a dry break for the san ramon valley and portions of interstate 680. a bunch of rain to talk
7:34 am
about and work through highway one-on-one in the south bay and the same for an estate to 80. temperatures are not too bad in terms of those numbers. 56 out the door in san francisco low 60s for san jose and oakland san carlos is coming in at 55 degrees. since the afternoon will make its of the low 60s and full details on what to expect later into the afternoon and we can forecast in just a bit. >> a disturbing story out of a layout where 65 year-old woman was kidnapped but at gunpoint by a 14 year-old boy yesterday evening in from the store on a 100 block of plaza drive. the area where she was kidnapped is in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. we'll push unerringly will see there is a shopping area surrounded by residential community. this according to police a 14 year-old boy forced this woman to drive to a nearby location in the area of hidden creek
7:35 am
parkway and highway 86. that is where he reportedly beat her and sexually assaulted her and left her in a ditch at covered in duct tape. he took off in her minivan and while this was going on a passer-by called police and got medical attention for her. the police already have hurt when an undivided a person called the victim's family and demanded ransom in exchange for her return. as the kidnap went back to the site they found in back of the site where this woman was dropped off and then placed him under arrest. he is in custody this morning. he is facing multiple charges of all assaults attempted murder kidnapping for ransom carjacking and armed robbery. >> it is then three days since a water tank break created a mudslide in daly city. officials are working to repair it as quickly as they can but the rain can make the situation difficult. will tran is live
7:36 am
in daly city taking a look at what they can do in the rain. how does all that mud billing? is a holding? >> so far it is holding but it is not doing it on its own because they have had crews out here. what they're doing right now is a have crews and we just saw one down the road clearing out the storm drains and making sure there's no debris to claude it. with the rainfall and you can see how hard it is raining right now the store brands are clear word from water to go in there to prevent erosion. they will be through here throughout the weekend to monitor i don't know if anyone will be planted here but there'll be plenty of crews going around. if anything should happen suddenly they are all over it. they even have an excavator park here said they need to jump and that they are ready to go at a moment's notice. across the street you can see the hay and straw they have put down basically a net to catch any
7:37 am
possible erosion up the hillside. that is where the rush into place up the hillside you consider a but trees down. they did not put in enhance found there are measures in place to cast a mudslide. even with all of this there is still a level of anxiety and there is one of them and we spoke to this morning about it. >> it is pretty intensive but it's one thing there is concern for the folks that live here. the response was amazing by we just need to wait and see if there's gonna be any type of a russian from the hills. >> this time the long weekend i imagine. >> kinda idea. is a little bit of a bus killed but that is something of concern. >> this is just a band-aid
7:38 am
approach but they had to do this. what they did was about a day and a half to two days of work. the first day was clearing out all the mud. the mud is sitting in a field right now perhaps with dry weather it will come back. there will probably packet back into the hillside and may be that as a permanent fix but they're thinking about the rain for today in the next several days. more reactions from residents coming up. it has picked up in the morning. you can see my jacket year and the best way to sell you is right in front of his head like this car that filled up pullout. it is not a hard rain this steady so you never know. the grass is gone now and that's ' way
7:39 am
that it is a cannot absorb rain and water as much as it did before the mudslide. the ranges comes down which is why they carved out the lanes and channels for the rainfall to go directly into the storm drains. >> we will take a break, we're also watching the weather. the traffic there is a hot spot the bay bridge. we will get the latest from george coming up in a moment. here you go little man.
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and gaza hamas militants say they did attack jerusalem-- >> the time is 7 4:02 a.m. we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. the tackle live look at our hot spot is in the bay bridge all morning. at or ride. a long commute to get to work. we will be back with more in a couple of minutes.
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news the time is 7:45 a.m. we are tracking major delays from the east bay to san francisco. we are seeing a spillover of heavy traffic on a number of other bridges. there is a new accident at the bay bridge. the motorcycle crashed west of the metering lights. that means things will start to slow down. that is for creches this morning. the first occurred within the first hour we are monitoring the ride was down. westbound. interstate 80 westbound is practically
7:47 am
stopped in emeryville. we switched to the traffic map to take a look of this the east shore freeway ride coming down from highway 4 is ashley back up 45 minutes to get you to university avenue and then another 40 minutes to get into san francisco. it is also affecting the rights of the richmond san rafael bridge. as well as the san mateo bridge is being used. there's nothing wrong with the camera is the traffic that is stopped virtually all the way across span. it does move in waves this backup does. something like an accordion. it is a 25 minute drive time from the san mateo bridge the backup begins well before fattal plaza. a bad bad morning. the golden gate bridge ride
7:48 am
decide to use the richmond san rafael bridge the commute will be what one has to come from marin county. >> good morning george storm tracker 4 all lit up. most of the bay area is under some degree of wet weather. of course it is heavier now along the coastline parts of the north bay at least southern tip. it looks like we do have had the intensity in the east bay and part of the sullen and as long as well. san francisco under the green into getting light rain for downtown. the surface streets are affected with your taking market street getting to the bay bridge eastbound or if you're taking 19th avenue to interstate 280. as we take a wider view of the peninsula no longer on the yellow. we do have something sitting offshore. this is intense rain that will reach the coastline. as a ticket to the east bay. it looks like we're catching a dry break of the san ramon valley
7:49 am
interstate 680 into walnut creek. down in the south bay interstate 280 we have more wet weather on the way. in terms of your afternoon highs everyone in the '50s. 54 for pleasanton. 61 in downtown 7 cisco satellite and radar as telling a bigger story the green on your screen indicates the wet weather approaching from the pacific. that is what is impacting us now that would continue to tomorrow morning is stronger cold front will drop down from the gulf of alaska with that heavy downpours. lynn's gusting up to 30 mi. per hour. that will continue into sunday. parts of the bay area is uncertain on the timing but it looks to be a monday in tuesday event. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows wet weather each and every day. temperatures in the '60s it looks like you may need to keep an umbrella handy as we
7:50 am
push into thanksgiving thursday. >> good morning gary. >> is it raining? >> yes it is. we have bigger problems. >> i'm looking at everything the team says and the players. they say all yet a regular heartbeat he's fine. this is a wake-up call for guys like this. >> the only reason i hesitate i know what he made. but that can be in any field. the media we are all flying line. >> many not know exactly what is wrong with him. >> federal stow, honestly if he is out of practice today or his game. i'm the same. >> what you're saying is we do not necessarily know there could be more to it
7:51 am
and they're saying. >> i am the same as a veteran media performance if we are watching the game and they said this guy does not look very good or like he's playing well and he misses a game then they say what is going on. i did say--let us wait and see before we generalize of this. the coaching profession is dangerous. >> we put on makeup for a living. and is not working out that is just a tool. >> here is the same look at what the doctors and san will specialize in this type of thing. they said the factors are for an irregular heartbeat for this kind of thing to happen to you stressed, lack of sleep, and too much caffeine. like you said in a walk of life, think about those things guys. they do say if something happens people do tend to get a little scared and so many will see a new
7:52 am
more mellow hardball.hadrbaugh >> if you want to be in this profession you have to put the time in our tent. high risk high reward. >> if you are working a job that you hate not paid but you know you don't like to pay as lousy york and two jobs to support your family i tend to side on that. >> he talked about buster posey as today. >> are you mad at me for not getting into it?. >> no. >> i have no idea.
7:53 am
>> we would judge. approval we in the pudding today. >> buster posey he is the mvp . >> i told you yesterday. >> no surprise on miguel cabrera. >> why do so few characters get these sorts. >> let me talk to you people. i am an expert. >> here is the thing that makes it was it 40 years? >> has 40 years. >> here is the thing that makes it so outstanding a catcher is in on every single ply. your squatting
7:54 am
in a physical position as demanding. you may stand in the feel all gang. your sleepingame. this guy is in the most commanding position on the field the pitcher is the most important what you are squatting in the file walls are coming off your legs. >> before we go i want to show you a video highlight of basketball. instead of going to the lakers. something will. the short sky in the nfl in his position short is card. this innate robinson--nate
7:55 am
robinson. in be a he is 5 ft. 9. >> remember he played for the warriors. >> your kids could play in thenba.. i don't wanna go all the way back to us but mackenzie. >> in this bug web. >> out means but the web-- spud web
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(male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news get a a.m. starts now. >> good morning is 8:00 a.m. on friday we are looking at a live picture of the golden gate bridge. a lot of water on the span. the rain is beginning to come down more intensely in san francisco. the wind is picking up. as f o reporting eight k two in one half hour delay. >> we want to start off in
8:02 am
the traffic center. >> travel in general in ton this busiest day of the holiday is oil. you have trouble the lay because of the weather. if you are attempting to take your car whether you are commuting are trying to get away is a mess. what has happened is started with the bay bridge and it is still the bay bridge we have talked about all morning. there is a lot of other check traffic as well. we have had four accidents on the bay bridge and a big tie up on the east shore freeway. we are still backed up at have been for the last three hours through the macarthur mays. the meter lights were turned on before 6:00 a.m.. 40 minutes before the normal time. a few cars getting through. the back ups are amazing. interstate 80 we have jackie sissel camera. we have a
8:03 am
disabled big rig that blocked three lanes. people that have been trying to get to the bay bridge have been looking at every other alternate. >> there is the ride on interstate 80. a 45 minute drive time 2 university ave. a lot four of folks are going here to the richmond san rafeal bridge. but the golden gate bridge ashley does not-that is not very well. the san mateo bridge has had its problems for the last couple of months. this is also a combination of so traffic on the bridge and the people bailing out of the bay bridge since the 5:00 a.m. our people have a
8:04 am
looking for an alternate route. i do not have in the rundown but i would do the switch back to the traffic map and show you the ride here on the bayshore freeway. it is jammed up both north and south bound at the 92 interchange. this red is a slow traffic across the san mateo bridge. i c quickly want to show you so traffic getting in and out of surfaces go. the rain producing the delays. biddin blame this on >> most of the bay area is impacted storm tracker 4 has been lit up all morning. the rain is growing in intensity in the north bay. north of the golden gate bridge highway 101 expect a moderate downpour. into san rafeal that will continue to cross the richmond san rafeal bridge could impact
8:05 am
parts of the east bay. light rain for san francisco area. downtown and for churro hill as well. george did commend john several accidents. allow yourself extra time. catching a dry bread for the southern peninsula is currently raining over the san mateo bridge and over the dumbarton as well. light rain scattered showers for hayward and redwood city. as we take it to the east bay we are a dry in walnut creek in concord not the case for the east shore freeway now. we are seeing some moderate rainfall around the uc- berkeley campus that is also impacting portions of albany, california street. allow yourself extra time. the south bay contending with wet weather not so much for highway 101 and interstate 280. we are tracking rain from milpitas
8:06 am
and highway 237. if you are a dry that does not mean that will be the case for the rest of the day. we have marchers' sitting offshore. the afternoon highs will break down in the '60s everywhere. i will have more on futurecast 4 in my next report. >> we do know to expect more snow in tall they have already gotten a good amount. they're skiing and boarding early. we have north star opening wednesday. kirkwood and squash are open to day. >> i hope you're having a good time in studio. it is skiing season in the tahoe area. behind me you see the list. they are officially open to the public at 9:00 a.m.. we have some the maintenance guys and employes going up the mountains and seeing what it looks like to day. it was wet today to give you an idea of how much snow we have had in this area before this piece season's
8:07 am
open. we are talking about 5 ft. of snow that is as much as they had been half of january last year. we have to open up early in that is what they are doing. >> i remember last year j.r.. the season got off to a late start. it was lane. it fired up and it was too late. >> people are taking the week off for thanksgiving this is great timing. >> exactly. so far yester day i was at north star talking with the skiers. a lot of borders were out. today i see some kids' role in. they want to be the first ones. a lot of the ones have made their way out here are the diehard. there are the ones that hit this ski resort, this deer resort, and this deer resort.
8:08 am
>> they pro rated if there're seven lifts open. >> yes they do they have a couple of flips open today they are hoping to have some more open by thanksgiving weekend. more than five or so more or six or so more. over at north star they had five lives going. heavenly on wednesday only had one of live going. they are attempting to get as many as possible but it is limited because it is early in the season. >> thank you j.r.. the time is8:08. we will be back in a couple of minutes.
8:09 am
earn 24/7 news channel comcast 193 or digital 4.2
8:10 am
8:11 am
here is some business news for you just announced new for you this morning hostess' going out of business. closing plants laying off more than 18,000 workers. the layoffs include some in the bay area. we have about 140 workers in oakland at the bakery. they will be out of a job. nationwide strike by workers crippled the ability to make the product and get into the stores. there were already
8:12 am
suffering under bankruptcy restructuring. the employees were more than if they did not return to work that the company would have to file a motion to liquidate the assets. a longer in business. so long. >> uc the animation that is the vision that is will we would like to build. sacramento county court judge will sire of the to grant a preliminary injunction to halt the project. construction was suppose to begin next july but residents in the belly complain that the restore did not do a good enough job informing. >> the time is8:12. we will
8:13 am
be right back. 3ñ
8:14 am
8:15 am
we are back just in to the kron 4 news. the coast guard is investigating a fire at an oil drilling platform in the gulf of mexico just off the coast of louisiana. a parish official says they're
8:16 am
not drilling in deep water like we saw in 2010 we had a big blow out. this one is in shallow water. the one in 2010 as you know killed 11 workers and let one of the offshore oil spills and world history. at this point no reports of any injuries but we understand the coast guard has set up a command center to investigate the fire. will get more information in a bit and bring you another update. right now the coast guard is battling a fire on oil wealth of the gulf coast. >> it is the ride from the east bay into san francisco and it is because of the bay bridge. the four count them. t 34 the drive time is running about 27 minutes from the nimitz freeway
8:17 am
along. the interstate 880 and the east shore freeway the traffic is moving slowly. this after miles of slow and low sometimes stop and go traffic. look at the traffic map by will show you this is where our camera is located look how much more so traffic there is that you will have to get through before you get to every bill. westbound 580 make that eastbound 580 backed up coming off the richmond san rafeal bridge pier. the richmond san raphael bridge henry from the west into serfs francis drake boulevard. >> highway 92 especially around 101 jammed in both directions. the san mateo bridge has been practically stopped the last hour and a half or two hours. if you
8:18 am
normally use the san mateo bridge you may think about heading south to the dumbarton bridge instead. the golden gate bridge ride not too bad this morning despite the extra traffic on 101 south bound. let us head to the weather center at 8:70 a.m. here is erica. >> good morning george island noticed when sure why cars going back and forth in your camera shots. a lot of that has pushed his way on shore we're picking up heavy stuff just north of the golden gate bridge. the neighborhood by neighborhood tie 101 prepared for those commuting for san rafeal. picking up light rain and all of san francisco. if this is impacting the sunset district the richmond all the way up to patrol hail. you will need extra time on the roadways. the dumbarton best-the san mateo.
8:19 am
we are picking up light rain over the 880 court or pushing its way for the east. as we take it to the rest of the east bay it is not running in concord or martinez. we're finally starting to pick up light showers for the san ramon valley. zooming in
8:20 am
8:21 am
it will are leaving the bay area for the thanksgiving holiday. arriving flights some of them are facing a two and one-half hour delay according to the faa. it is because of the weather and wind in the bay area. if you are expecting family or friends check ahead because again some flights are ma facing a two and one-half hour delay coming into as at all. the airport expect around 140,000 passengers to pass through here today making this the busiest travel day of the things given holiday. because of an increase in passengers the airport already addressed
8:22 am
this to be the busiest year for the airport. you want to make sure you plan ahead. i spoke with people here who are going to mexico and a wide to celebrate thanksgiving. some of in choosing to do so and a slightly nontraditional way take a lesson. >> went to the house of north of port of fire or with the swimming pool. >> we have three generations going. we have in laws spirit we decided not to take the turkey. >> no turkey on thanksgiving? >> know we are going for fish. >> to each their own on the last part here are some tips if you are planning to travel out of s f o before the end of the year parking is limited here the airport. it is possible for you to take public transportation or someone to drop you off would be a good suggestion. do not read a gift if you're taking presence for some of
8:23 am
the december holidays. officials say it is a bad idea to wrap gifts before you get on the plane because security officers might need to inspect the packages and they would need to tear the wrappings and waste the hard work. rep the presence once you get to your destination. you see a lot more cars filtering in a very busy morning at s f o. as we send it back to you in the studio just in case someone is living the channel intoning in it is a two in one half hour delay for some arriving flights. make sure you tchecked ahead if you're coming to the airport. >> let us take a look if you are taking to the roads how much will try to fill up. the gas prices keep going down penny by penny. every penny counts when you add up. san francisco at $3.92 per gallon. for that is down 2¢. oakland and san jose down a couple of sent overnight to $3.80. san jose
8:24 am
now $3.76. the state averages $3.81. that is pretty good. 8:23. we will be back in a couple of moments on this get away friday. this our big caught by the bay bridge we at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit
8:25 am
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8:27 am
20 6:00 a.m.. all rick activities have been suspended at chico state university after a student died of brain damage. the sources cannot go anhe died jusr being admitted to the hospital for in a very out all over those. he was celebrating his 21st birthday when this happened. he was pledging sigma phi fraternity. there have been other incidents to play in return these. giving a new study by the cdc shows 30 percent of america's--a shows 30 of america's 50 states have laws against smoking. 26 states have
8:28 am
statewide anti-smoking laws. the time is 827. will take a live look from our mount tam cam. we will be right
8:29 am
8:30 am
all the time yes 8:29. the bay bridge has been a mess all morning long. george doesn't look like it is getting better? >> indeed it does not look better. take a look at the bay bridge and the back up westbound. the key is the 880 over crossing spirit is here over the top of the freeway. this is backed up to the diamond lane split. also to the 80 split. if you're coming northbound a you could turn off for the
8:31 am
east shore freeware or the bay bridge. >> this westbound 580 returns all the way into the macarthur mays for westbound commute. the east shore freeway has been jammed as well. take a look at the jackie sissel shot. this is an every bill it has picked up a little here. if we switch from this view to the camera this is where our camera is located there is this yellow not read. there is a short break here before you hit the bay bridge back up in earnest. look how far back it is. 45-48 minute drive time leading down from hercules to berkeley. add to that the slow traffic from the bay bridge. 580 westbound still heavy as i head down the decline of the span. a little better about to sir francis drake boulevard. >> highway 92 practically stop and go all the way
8:32 am
across the span. 25 minute drive time for this alternate route. if you normally use this bridge heading instead to the dumbarton bridge. quickly let me show you hot spots as we switch back to the traffic maps. on the nimitz freeway is jammed out of san leandro so is 580. the slow traffic leading to the macarthur mays. highway 92 at 101 jammed in both directions and south bay freeways also slow especially 101 at the guadalupe parkway. >> george is still raining but it looks like we are starting to catch a break. at 7:00 a.m. this morning everyone was contending with wet weather. it is starting to quiet down and good news for the folks just leaving the house. storm tracker for resuming in raining on highway 101 approaching san raphael and the richmond san rafeal bridge. it looks like
8:33 am
we're starting to dry things up for the san mateo bridge in the dumbarton as well. we are clear from the mid to southern peninsula. take a look at san francisco south city, dated city and over the bay bridge. still contending with the wet weather for interstate 880 from concord to walnut creek. we are a dry approaching hybrid 13. i depends becausighway 13. do note surprised if you feel they missed or sprinkle. as we take a look at the weather had alliance steady rain for later this afternoon this is a bit of a warmer system coming in from the pacific. temperatures will be in the '60s later tonight. still contending with the wet weather. a look at futurecast for coming up in the next report james. >> thank you erica knew this
8:34 am
morning a disturbing story out of vallejo we have a 65 your a woman kidnapped at gunpoint by a 14 year-old boy. in front of a store and a 100 block of plaza drive here is downtown vallejo there's plaza drive will push in here tighter and show you the exact area we're talking about. you will see this is a big shopping area surrounded by residential homes. here's what police say the 14 year- old apparently forced the woman to drive to a nearby location in the area of hit and brook parkway along highway 80 that is where he beat and assaulting her in left her tied in a ditch. the teenager took off in her minivan. we did have passer buyers spot the 1 a and call police. while this was going on an unidentified person called members of the victim's family and demanded money in exchange for her return. detectives staked out the area along interstate 880 and caught
8:35 am
the kidnapper when he returned to the scene of that ditch. again off interstate 880 the kidnapper has been taken into custody m booked into juvenile hall on numerous charges of kidnapping, carjacking, and armed robbery. >> in daly city the rain is coming down and they are fearing the mud is not far behind. tuesday we showed you on the kron 4 morning news the live mud slide that very day park and a whole neighborhood. a pipe burst sending 45,000 gal. of water rushing down the hill agency. the rest was all about the clean up. kron force will tran is back in the neighborhood and showing us what is being done to prevent another mudslide. >> city crews are going around this neighborhood making sure the storm drains are clear. that wave mud can go into them or rain. it
8:36 am
will be a long weekend for the city as well as the residence because even though over the past couple of days crews worked hard to clean the place up. you can see the hay, straw, and netting over the field to prevent any further erosion. this is just a band-aid approach we do not know what will happen moving forward. that is why they plan to monitor this throughout the weekend as well as the thousands of residents who have told me the hotter it rains their anxiety level goes up. what is point to happen is that the mudslide will be absorber and prevented from sliding into the streets. there is a place for the pipe burst sending 45,000 gal. of water down the hillside they did not put in the netting or thing there to prevent erosion. if it does come down it should just go around the trees like we saw of the past couple of days. there are measures
8:37 am
that will capture most of the mut reporting from daly city will tran wkron 4 news. two people are missing in an explosion and an oil rig off louisiana coast in the gulf of mexico. it was said the well was not drilling in deep water. the blow out in 2010 led to an explosion that killed 11 workers and let the worst offshore oil spill in u.s. history. it is a shallow water drill rig on fire. to missing and some taken to the hospital. >> we will take a quick break8:37 is the time we are tracking wet weather, from the bay. people on the bay bridge which they had this easy ride across span. we
8:38 am
will be right back with details.
8:39 am
8:40 am
>>, cia director david patrice knew all along about the attack. he is testifying behind closed doors to two congressional intelligence
8:41 am
committees. this is the first appearance since resigning last friday over his extramarital affair. both of those sessions are closed doors. president obama welcome to congressional leaders from both parties to talk about ways to avoid the looming fiscal clef. --clif there huddling to see if they come to some sort of deal over settling taxes. >> modesto may offer your best deal, it it made it no. 7 on the list of places for most affordable homes. the particular markets a look at offered become a combination of low prices and competitor competitive wages. number one was on been utah's no. 2 was youngstown utah no. 4 was
8:42 am
like win for florida and number four is modesto. we will take a break it is 8:41 a.m.. at the bay bridge has been a headache for most commuters this morning. you can see why it is a parking lot headed up to the toll plaza. george will have more on this hot spot in a minute.
8:43 am
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>> top stories we're following former cia director david to trieste is testifying right now before congressional lawmakers on the attack on the you ask out lead in the benghazi and libya. it has been complicated of course because betray it patras' has resigned his position after publicly admitting to an extramarital affair. that will not be coming up and question today. suppose this is going out of business. -- hostess the
8:46 am
workers did not return to work from their strike after last night's deadline so not 18,500 jobs are gone. keeping our eyes outside this morning as we are tracking the storm moving over us today. we'll get to more on that in a moment but first the most pressing matter is the hot spot at the bay bridge. >> the rain did not help this morning with the traffic around the bay area. the four accidents at the bay bridge all in a short span is what really backed up this ride. it slammed traffic all over the east and north bay as well as the peninsula. we're back up well into the macarthur maze on 580 and highway 24 on 880 northbound as well as westbound. slow traffic coming out of the maze. highway 24 is backed up nearly 2 highway 13 in the westbound direction. we're still looking for 45 minutes drive times for the east shore freeway. we're finally
8:47 am
starting to pick up some sort of a break. the san mateo bridge it is still a mess. the ride is stopped in the westbound direction. it is backed up nearly 2880 on 92 westbound. its decision normal commute route, forget about it this morning. had been said to the dumbarton bridge. the traffic maps show slot other slow traffic this morning the nimitz commute through hayward out of hay were rather sit through san leandro and to oakland and your 880 and to cross the bridge on 92. once you get on there from 1 01, look at the slow traffic that you have to contend with when she gets to the west and of the span. the golden gate bridge ride is problem free with no delays for your commute as you head southbound. heavier traffic now. also little heavy in the northbound direction which is typical for a friday. more on the rain now here is erica. >> rain in the north bay
8:48 am
georgia especially on the northern end of the golden gate bridge. storm tracker 4 says a good cash portion of the bay catching a dry break. we're not done with the wet weather just yet. we're only getting started. as these in mendicancy moderate to heavy rain right here at the 1 01580 interchange. if you're heading over to the richmond center fell bridge to the rain does pick up in intensity. continue wet weather highway 1 01 all way down to the golden gate bridge. we're still contending with wet rain in san francisco. not so bad in downtown san francisco but it is currently raining in tag heights. expect some light rain on all of the approaches to the bay bridge eastbound. as we take a wider view of the peninsula out light rain starting to pick up on interstate 280. the seven peninsulas are catching a dry break it is not currently raining over
8:49 am
the san rafael bridge or highway 84. the system is approaching from the south and is pushing its way north. it was running along the peninsula and all the wet weather is now on the east bay. expect delays for the east shore freeway. concord and walnut creek into san ramon valley it is green on your screen which indicates relatively light rain in nature. a lot of viewers have said it is more like a heavy sprinkle. this fellow moderates a heavy rain is just over 580 at 980 in oakland. allow yourself a little bit of extra time we will continue to see on and off showers throughout the rest of the day into the weekend as well. temperatures are not too bad everyone is in the upper 50s. later on today we will warm to the '60s. 63 for fear fill concord 61 in downtown san francisco. as we take a look at the bigger weather story we will see satellite and radar showing the system that we are contending with right now is on shore. that will be over
8:50 am
and done with as we head into tomorrow morning. saturday should be relatively nice but into the evening hours another stronger cold front will drop south from the gulf of alaska. with that we do expect a heavy downpour in windy conditions. gusts could peak at out at 30 mi. an hour. we have the potential for another system of third one that will impact communities north of the golden gate bridge. the timing is a little uncertain but it could affect monday and tuesday. we have the potential for wet weather as we transition into the work week. taking a look your extended forecast, i do when a ring of food should future cast for this is a wider view of northern california. a lot of rain to contend with the check out the sierra. i do not think we'll see much in a way of snow but it will be rain snow mixed. it will be too warm quite frankly. we will not see too much snow at lake level may be in and says the head into sunday.
8:51 am
the rest of the extended forecast focuses attention on the bay area. there'll be rain on thursday and remember that is thanksgiving. >> 8:50 a.m. right now and take a look at the video we have out of new york and new jersey port authority. shows the devastation caused by the flooding may have. this is the path train station. there are to pass train stations that were under water like the one you see here. one was in hoboken and they both remain closed right now. this is nearly three weeks after the storm. all the equipment and signaling an train equipment have been damaged and destroyed. it is still being repaired. two stations under water, literally. >> yesterday we tells about the popular ride sharing services being fined $20,000 each for public safety violations. kron4 reporter
8:52 am
gabe slate had a chance to meet with one of those services to get their reaction. >> ride sharing services are catching on like wildfire fire. they seem like a good choice to public transportation. the companies offering this all have different ways of making this work and collecting money for the drivers. the co-founder of left one of the ride sharing services was slapped with a citation and a $20,000 fine. >> the consumer adoption has been incredible. that gets the attention of people. i think that there are questions that people don't understand exactly what they are doing. it is a new invention. >> these services are charter party carriers and have to obtain a authorization before operating in the state. >> and this citation it claims that we are charter party character carrier. we
8:53 am
are not a charter party carrier. we are platform of people that offer ride to people that need it rides. we do not on the vehicles. it is made pretty clear that there trying to put us into a box that we don't fit. >> catching a ride with them is as safe as any transportation service now. >> a million-dollar excess liability policy that is greater than the $750 requirement that the pc has on the agencies that they do regulate. we do a criminal background check. they do not have that as a requirement of the agencies that they regulate. we have strict criteria related to that. they require a dmv record check but they do not have criteria on what is acceptable or not with the entities that they regulate. i think it is very clear that we believe strongly in safety and we go above and
8:54 am
beyond and the existing transportation providers are required to do. >> i spoke with the commission and they said they have legitimate reasons for doing this. there trying to keep the public's face. they believe and what they're doing here. at these companies do not pay or repeals they will face fines and we will have to wait and see how this plays out. it will be interesting to see what happens. i will keep you informed. >> coming up the latest on the bay bridge. take a quick look here the ride is still backed up solidly into the macarthur maze. big headache for the morning commute. we should not be saying this on a friday. we will be right back.
8:55 am
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8:58 am
bear of a commute this morning in travel for thanksgiving holiday. erica has high on the weather and the radar that is holding of air travel. it is great for tahoe we're looking at a couple more results opening early today. plus take a look at this even in the season of a given people are stealing in san francisco. stanley roberts has people behaving badly.
8:59 am
9:00 am
(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> we are starting off this morning gray wet and with a bunch of horrible traffic. when you're traveling by air or by car today that is not going to be easy. storm tracker 4 with iran that we are tracking we will give you more about the timing on that. that is what is causing to out to and our arrival delays. you may want
9:01 am
to call ahead as a foe. we will show you the bay area at the hot spot in san jose. the sierra is looking a little bit of wet to. all of the weather traffic and how they folks colliding this morning. >> a recent stall at the bay bridge. this is the worst bay bridge morning i have ever seen. i cannot remember a day that there have been five incidents on the span of a few hours. it is almost completely backed up and you notice traffic once again is not moving at the toll plaza. they really cranked the metering lights down to a very slow rate again. that is because there is yet another stall on the upper deck. it is not uncommon when the backup is really grow to start seeing more and more stalls. what happens is people enter the commute with less than enough gas and invariably if they set for release on time in the backup they will get caught on the span and run
9:02 am
out of gas. that happens frequently on really bad days like this one. that is exactly what we're seeing. multiple stalls as conditions continue to deteriorate. the east shore freeway ride have started to pick up here and it is a little less but better but it is mostly slow. as we switch to the traffic maps you will see that there is a short break and the backup here. it reaches all the ways to highway 4 and the westbound direction. it is just no longer a solid backup. the san mateo bridge has been a problem as well. westbound traffic at a standstill with a 25 minute and hire drive times for the san mateo bridge. that is just to get from the toll plaza 21 018 does not include the time waiting on 92 westbound coming over from 880. a quick look at another hot spot on the nimitz freeway where the westbound ride is backed up as you can see. the northbound ride is backed up. from 280 towards the
9:03 am
coliseum. >> you can see storm tracker is lit up indicating where we're dealing with the showers this morning. pushing into the north bay. currently conditions are about 55 degrees in san francisco upper 50s in san jose 50 reason look oakland low 50s and concord and low 50s and san carlos and about 50 degrees in livermore. the full forecast coming up in just a bit. more showers on the way but we will have to daria for now. >> it is not officially winter but it looks like it and feels like it in sierra. the resorts are opening early a couple yesterday a couple lead today. they are stone is at north star and lake tahoe. >> i am at skaw. north star yesterday and today squaw.
9:04 am
now that we have a mix of settled you can see some of the folks in the distance over my shoulder. about to 3 minutes ago they clear the line out and open a list of around 9:00 this morning. the fact that what they did it is the season. it is not really wintertime but it feels like wintertime. a warm winter time. the fact is we've been talking to these folks and you can see them walking around fired up to get on that list right at 9:00. we have been talking a lot of the skiers all morning >> today is opening day at squaw valley and it is six days earlier than planned thanks to 5 ft. of snow we received already this season. we are just happy to get this great season started. >> you not only have the gear but some rain cover up their >> i want you to notice this is vintage. they do not issue these anymore. >> so you have been coming here for years now?
9:05 am
>> yes 23 years. >> you are dating yourself there >> i don't care. >> we have the school boards in the coolest of the mounds you know. >> of the coolest one for the best writer on the mountain you know. >> some of these folks were here an hour early. they wanted to be the first one in line. we talked about that 5 ft. of snow. they have had 5 ft. up until now. that is as much as they had made it january this time last year. it was leading out earlier it is possible a could get better later on. >> 5 ft.. day are you are very tall with five cb on you? >> we're talking chest region. it's still up there.
9:06 am
5 ft. of snow they had a couple of feet of a couple of weeks ago. a lot of it is on the ground and they have their gear and they're ready to go. they are fired up, they say is the season. >> they are i am 5 ft.. --j r >> you look so tall on tv >> another breaking news story out of the gulf of mexico. officials are investigating a fire that happened on a oil drilling raid. for people are in the hospital and there are a couple others missing. they are not drilling at a
9:07 am
deepwater site. the coast guard says it has activated the command center to investigate the exact size of the fire at this hour. it is 9 of 6 and moving on to other maze and the bay area. the rain is coming down in daly city and there are fears that the mud will come down again. tuesday we covered that the big mudslide that buried apart and stranded a lot of cars because of a pipe burst. at some 45,000 gal. of water down the hill. will tran is out this morning to see of the residents are happy with the work done so far >> we spoke to you a couple of days ago when there is much up to your wheels and you could not even get out of here. obviously you move your acura, have you checked out the inside of your wheels to see if everything was ok?
9:08 am
>> any machine under water, under mud that has to be opened up. >> you need to open up the wheels as to check it? >> that engine nothing muddy. the battery went dead on me by botany battery. >> have you been able to drive around to check out the breaks? >> yes >> as far as what's going on in this neighborhood you see him in the past couple of days trying to fix things and make sure that they prevent any further mudslides. and the worries about the upcoming rain? >> no >> so your feeling pretty good? >> yes >> we showed him out here a couple of days ago with a garden hose and the shovels
9:09 am
and clear things out. there is a hillside and they did not putting any netting or anything to prevent erosion. the hay is over there as well as some sort of netting to catch any mud that may come out. also they brought out heavy machinery over the past couple of days. they recently carved out lanes and channels so all of the rain flow will flow directly into it. this is just a band-aid approach we will see what happens moving forward. we're hoping for a dry spell. they're not trying to make any permanent repairs because this is the rainy season. the rain main concern is making sure that the rain does not back up. several residents say they feel confident. keep in mind it could be a long weekend for them because they will definitely be looking at the field here. in the meantime we see city crews circling this area to make sure that
9:10 am
the storm drains are clear. >> 9:09 a.m. and we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. we will have continuing coverage of the storm and rain in your neighborhood. let's take a peek at the golden gate bridge. gray and dark and wet on the back. traffic looks ok but it certainly is not ok elsewhere around the bay. towards will have the updates for you when we come back. [ male announcer ] are you ready for tomorrow's technology today?
9:11 am
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>> new this morning air raid sirens have been sounded in jerusalem signaling a possible rocket attack aimed at israel's capital. it will be the first time that the holy city has ever been targeted by rocket fire from gaza militants. the rocket fell north of jerusalem but authorities have not confirm those reports. we are waiting for word from gaza. the result was attacked. a congressman says a former cia director david patras is telling lawmakers that he believed all along that the attack on the consulate in libya on the 11th was a terrorist attack. he is testifying today behind closed doors to the intelligence committee. it is his first appearance since resigning friday over his extramarital affair.
9:14 am
let's check in on wall street and things have turned up. we were down 30 points but now we're up by 37. we'll be back with more in a couple of minutes.
9:15 am
9:16 am
>> temperatures are mild but ski season is underway in the sierra. there are wild tim -- warm temperatures but they are still out on the
9:17 am
slopes. today we have scop and kirkwood opening. they're having a lot of fun. limited runs and limited lives but it is better than nothing. >> we have 36 hour shift to come up here and play around. go back to work tomorrow, on live in a dream. >> and he can keep up with you? >> this little guy is pretty advanced for his age. >> i started doing jumps in stuff like that. >> the seer is not expected to get to much more snow from this weekend's storm but anything is good. we will keep our eye out for that and in the meantime we have rain on the way as well. >> we are tracking a lot of delays this morning for the bay bridge commute. all the commute from the peace made towards the west a san francisco and the peninsula because of multiple problems on the bay bridge. we've had
9:18 am
four accidents at the bridge and a reason stall. they have just started to speed up the meeting lights and we're finally starting to see things eased a bit. it has been about 3 1/2 our rough ride for the westbound a bridge. the backup still reaches into the macarthur maze and backed up to high with 24. the east shore freeway was badly backed up and starting to break loose a little. some especially for the upper east shore freeway. no longer a solid backup from an old. westbound 580 is still heavy and a lot of people are using the richmond center fell bridge. a lot of folks have been using the san mateo bridge instead. it has been jammed most of the morning, for the last one half hours. this is finally starting to break up a bit for the westbound ride. we are still tracking delays freer commute on the 880 nimitz freeway if this an downtown oakland. the golden gate bridge ride 1 01 from marin county even with extra
9:19 am
traffic from the san rafael bridge the golden gate bridge has the problem free all morning long. >> we are taking a look at storm tracker 4. starting to see the rain lighting up light of this. weekends in the north bay we are picking up light rain with the green color indicating light systems and moderate downpour. as we track through the day it becomes the future cast four set for 10:00 a.m. we will see pretty much dry conditions but cloudy. some scattered showers out there and then i had to 2:00 p.m. it will push back end. pretty widespread and year even, in the evening commute will be a messy one. all the yellow indicates moderate downpour. we will continue to showers throughout the evening into the overnight hours as well prett. by 10:00 a.m. we will
9:20 am
still be dealing with those scattered showers. stafford temperature is roughly in the '50s. oakland is sitting at 63 degrees and 63 in concord and the livermore valley. it will be an all- around mild day with mostly lower 60s today. take a look at satellite and radar clara the first of this system pushing up from the south. it is another was expected to hit around saturday night ups. table of tranquil air and in the dusty with pretty moderate downpour. offsprings 7 day around the bay shows as we will continue to see wet weather across the board into thanksgiving. so >> today it is the single busiest travel day for the thanksgiving holiday. a lot of people turning it into a whole week so they are getting out of town today or picking up friends and
9:21 am
relatives. so reporter mike pelton is that s f zero this morning. that has not been easy because the schedules are all mixed up because of the weather. >> significant delays for several writing flights at sfo. according to the faa the inbound flights are experiencing two and a half hour delays because of weather and wind here in the bay area. hist the bottom line is check on line at the flight status if you are expecting family and friends here in assets of today. sec that before you head to the airport. i popped my had briefly into one of the terminals and according to the departure boards allow the flights still say on time. everything appears to be running smoothly in that regard. video from earlier this morning, lots of people coming to the airport in heading out of the bay area. as asko expects around 140,000 passengers today making this the most busy
9:22 am
travel day with the face giving holiday. --sfo >> on thanksgiving what are you going to be doing? >> going to guatemala city trying to help out some folks. >> why now? >> we put a group together and over the thanksgiving holiday we want to give back and give thanks for all that we receive. >> on no turkey on thanksgiving? >> know we are going with fish and cranberry sauce. >> if you plan to travel before the end of the year here some tips will pass on to you. parking is limited assets also it is recommended that you take public transportation or have someone drop you off. also did not wrap your guess or presidents before -- or president'gifts or presens
9:23 am
hardly a scientific poll but the vast majority of people i've spoken with this morning are all heading to hawaii. i do not know what it is with hawaii being the main destination but everyone seems to be heading over to the island. >> of trying to get to warm weather. i heard some of your people going to puerto vallarta until. --too we'll talk more about the weather as we continue to kron4 morning news. this bridge is looking better. doors will give us an update on the bay bridge problem in just a couple of minutes.
9:24 am
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9:30 am
>> 938 >> and we're taking a look at from our roof on van am having them. we will talk more about the rain and wind will go away and little come back. any luck with the traffic on the bay bridge? >> it looks like it is trying to clear. it is not proceeding very quickly though. the toll plaza has a lot more open space between the cars. the cycling of the metering lights is faster but the backup still reaches into the macarthur maze. we
9:31 am
are still well over 24 to 28 minutes drive times for the westbound. the 880 approaches clearing a bit but is still backed up at least completely over the toll plaza. that is not a good sign. heavy delays here also the san mateo bridge has a lot of traffic this morning. it is starting to move a lot better. the drive times have dropped from 25 minutes to 15 minutes. itl comme and this is a reasonably good alternate now. in the direction of the peninsula if that is your destination. no. on the nimitz freeway as a problem. take a look of the traffic maps we are still jammed up here trying to get out of san leandro on 880 on the northbound side. 583 oakland is still heavy before you hit the heavy traffic right they're off the macarthur maze. stupid is still backed up the on highway 24. >> the view from our storm
9:32 am
traffic you can see mainly the showers are in the north bay and down along the peninsula and the south bay is all dry. we have more rain headed our way. steady rain in the afternoon, widespread. it will pick up in intensity by the north bay for the evening commute. the showers into the evening will continue into the weekend. i will tell you more when we have our full report. right now back to daria. >> right now we're getting more details on the story of vallejo where a woman a 65 year-old woman was kidnapped at gunpoint by a 14 year-old boy. it happened yesterday evening in front of the storer on the 100 block of plaza drive. the 14 year-old boy forced the 65 year-old woman to drive in her car with him to a nearby location in the area of it hidden broke parkway and
9:33 am
highway 80. when they get their he beats her up sexually assaulted her and leaves her in a ditch. he took off in her minivan. and meantime her family gets a call from someone demanding money, of ransom in exchange for her return. the family did not do anything and said no. a passer-by at the time found the woman the victim right they're off of highway 80. they helped her. police ended up finding him, the 14 year-old boy at the scene. he returned to that area of highway 80 and was taken into custody. he was taken into the solano county juvenile hall on multiple charges of assault attempted murder kidnapping for ransom and carjacking and armed robbery. the city added daly city that we've been watching closely since the big guns of water that sent a mud
9:34 am
slide through the neighborhood. the park was buried in a bunch of cars were buried as well. yesterday we covered all of the construction and repairs going on. today we are out there watching what is going on in light of this fact that we have rain. we do not want rain to trigger another month slide. will tran is back in the area taking a look at what is being done today. >> the city crews are going around a neighborhood making sure the storm drains are clear. the rainfall or mud will go into them. it will be a long day, long weekend for the city as well as the residence here. even though over the past couple of days crews worked hard to shore up this place you can see the hay and straw and this netting over the field to prevent any further erosion. this is just a band-aid approach. we do not know what is going to happen moving forward. they will continue to monitor this throughout the weekend as
9:35 am
well as the residents who say that the harder it rains of their anxiety level goes up. all this stuff will hopefully absorb the mudslide and prevent it from flowing into the street like we saw for the past couple of days. moving the camera up you can see there is a place where the pipe burst at sending 45,000 gal. of water down the hillside. they did not put any netting or anything to prevent the erosion but if it does come down its should just go around the trees like we saw our the past couple of days. down here there are measures to hopefully catch all the mud. >> the couple accused of killing retired hercules school teacher says zito will be back in court to enter a plea today. prosecutors say 24 year-old darnell washington and an 25 year-old wife tanya washington killed 55 year- old co. this was in the course of a statewide crime spree the past month and
9:36 am
were arrested in washington state. they were driving pose car. the couple could receive the death penalty in this murder case. parents at a san jose grade school are upset this morning over a registered sex offender that was allowed to be on campus with a hundred of children last month. the suspect was convicted several years ago of molesting a child. he was recognized and reported to a sheriff's deputy. he had a letter from the diocese giving him permission to be there. the letter is not consistent with its policies. parents want to know why he was there in the first place. >> i think it is just atrocious. i don't know how anyone could just get away with that in any amount. it is just unbelievable. >> how would you know that
9:37 am
someone is a sex offender? you do not know. >> he should not be allowed back. we are supposed to be protected. we are doing everything for the kids in the field trips and everything. >> the case remains open but the sheriff's department says that he has not been charged because a relative of scarce state law. sex offenders can be on school grounds if they have pop up permission from school officials. hostesses going out of business closing plants and laying off all 18,500 workers. the layoffs include 140 workers in the bay area at colombo bakelite bakery in oakland. there the makers of twinkies and hobos and ding-dongs. the workers' strike cripple their ability to make and deliver products. they warned
9:38 am
employees that they were going to have to close if the workers did not return to work by midnight last night. a live look at the golden gate bridge, things are breaking up. it is still gray out there and traffic looks like it is moving ok. this rain and clouds are going to stay with us for the next several days. we will be right back.
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9:42 am
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>> the time is 9:45 a.m. and we are still talking about the bay bridge as the a hot spot. it is completely backed up into the macarthur maze. forget friday light.
9:46 am
if you are just tuning in and the normally commute to the bridge on a friday of this hour of the morning you expect to find no traffic. we have been backed up since the 5:00 hour. we have had no less than five major incidents. four accidents and a stall at the bay bridge this morning. the 880 approaches still backed up all the way to interstate 80 split team. you can either continue onto interstate 80 toward sacramento or make a left-hand turn over to the bay bridge that is where the backup begins. you're still looking at over 20 minutes drive times to get to san francisco even from the nimitz freeway. the rest of the approaches to the bridges is pretty heavy. the 580, i was in a bad and he will see is still backed up to highway 24. that is where the backup begins 24 westbound it is still slow.
9:47 am
at the east shore freeway is a better approach than at other times this morning. the san mateo bridge has been a popular alternate and now is a good alternate because there are no delays. it reached drive times of 25 minutes, more than twice of normal drive times. it was stopping go all across the span. the golden gate bridge ride has been uneasy when most of the morning and still is now. things have dried up quite a bit for the golden gate bridge, not a bad time. the marin commute is slower than usual this morning especially for northern iran from 37 down afraid of parkway. a look at whether we can expect this weekend looks like there's a fair amount of rain. >> you are absolutely right but we're catching a little bit of a dry break right now. we are still seeing a little bit of showers left over in the north bay. we are not in the clear yet, we'll have a steady rain as the afternoon bay area wide.
9:48 am
lingering showers into the evening and we are tracking at some future cast four setting ahead to about 10:00. it looks like we will be drive is sitting under a lot of cloud cover out there. by 2:00 it will push back and going widespread. green color is indicating light rain but it will pick up in intensity and especially by the north bay. by 5:00 all of this yellow is indicating moderate downpour. we'll continue to keep the showers into the forecast over the of overnight hours. we will start your weekend was scattered showers as well. about 10:00 a.m. tomorrow waking up to scattered showers. temperatures are warming up pretty much only in oakland. we're still dealing with the mid '50s in san francisco the upper 50s in san jose and san carlos. 53 in livermore valley and everyone getting into the lower 60s except for half moon bay upper 50s there. we are dealing with the first in a series of storms approaching from the south.
9:49 am
we have another cooler system heading our way that will hit by about tomorrow evening and usher in cool air with a pretty heavy downpour and gusty as well. we'll have another system approaching into your work week. 7 day around the bay shows wet weather across the board. right into thanksgiving thursday. >> this just into kron4 and j. cutler has officially been ruled out of monday's game against the 49 years. he will not be playing when the 40 niners played the bears. the question is well and alex smith start for play f? we still do not have the answer to that. >> (male announcer) stanley roberts found some people behaving badly... back in
9:50 am
july of 2012 i did this segment. here is the problem. people are stealing community transfers and reselling them. not just one transferred, they are still in the entire book. when i did this story they're stealing people stealing transfers which is not illegal. i could not actually catch someone on tape. that was then, this is now. for the record i was looking for something else until... this guy decided to sell them pretty much right smack in front of me. it caught my undivided attention. he revealed himself to me saying hey stanley remember me from the world series selling tickets? and the down time he met moved over to selling community transfers despite the fact it is illegal to buy or sell transfers. the interesting part i think he realized he should have stayed mixed in with the crowd because apparently he
9:51 am
was trying to get as far away as he could for me. now that he had my undivided attention he was now under the microscope. the people behaving badly microscope. just when he thought all was well, back to trying to sell transfers. to be fair he never actually ask for money he would simply present the transfer and ask for a donation. however if you watch here this man's the nation was less than adequate so he takes the transfer back. with an illegal transfer one can affect ride it muni all day until the wheels fall off by only spending two bucks to the seller. with one look of transfers to the seller could make $200 easily. >> how much are you selling them for? >> $1. >> he gave me a tip. why are you doing that? >> there is a lesson to learn here. if you're going to behave badly do not wave
9:52 am
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>> and catching a ride with them is as safe as any transportation service on the road now. >> a million-dollar access liability policy that is greater than the $750 requirement that the pc has on these things that they do regulate. we do a criminal background check for anyone that wants to work on the platform. they do not have that as a requirement for a deep into tease that they regulate. we do at&t check and have struck criteria that we adhere to for that. they do the dmv record check
9:57 am
but they do not have the criteria that we have for the regulated people. we are going above and beyond what exists for transportation providers are required to do. >> i spoke with the commission and they said they have a legitimate reason for doing this and they're trying to keep the public's face. they believe in what they're doing here. if these companies cannot pay or appeal within 20 days they can pay more finds. we will have to wait and see how this plays out. will be interesting to see what happens. >> that is it for this morning have a great weekend and get ready for the rain. we will see you back here monday morning. there are hundreds of ways people use lysol disinfectant spray. ben's mom uses it around the bathtub.
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